Personal Injury Law: What Should I Do When I Am Injured at Work?


When you’ve been injured or harmed at work, you might not know where to start the process of asking legal advice from your lawyer and claim filing against your employer. You must know that your company could be legally responsible for the injuries or damages that you have incurred at work. An attorney from a law firm that tackles personal injury can assist you in starting the filing process of an employee’s compensation claim.

Contact An Attorney After An Accident

You should get in touch with an attorney shortly after the injury has happened. Some folks tend to wait for years following the accident to contact an accident attorney. Now if you carry this out, you could miss the time limit for the case filing. The law only allows a limited period for you to file the case after you’ve been injured or harmed. If you postpone too long, then your case could be dismissed automatically by the court due to a violation of the statute of limitations. Since courts are so caught up with such cases, numerous courts do not have problems in merely dismissing a case just to clean up the docket.

Contacting an auto accident attorney will aid you to determine how much cash you’ll be able to obtain for the injuries you incurred. You may desire to be informed of the total sum of reimbursement before choosing to partake in physical therapy or any other remedies that could not be entirely required for your injury’s treatment. A personal injury attorney can look into your case, and decide on a basic sum that your claim could be settled for at some point. Being informed about this amount, you could feel more relaxed in immediately starting physical therapy to rehabilitate yourself.


Collect As Much Evidence As You Can When Injured

When you’re injured or harmed at work, it’s also important to collect as many documents as possible. If you’re able to file a report concerning the accident together with the HR (human resources) department for the company, then you must go ahead and carry this out. You would like to be sure that there’s a record or document of your injury occurring in the workplace. You should also attempt to take pictures of your injuries to make sure that you can receive compensations for the damage you incurred.

Depending on your injury’s severity, you can also call an ambulance. In this way, the injuries you acquired will also have a record. Even though you aren’t certain whether the damage was totally the fault of your employer, you must still think about calling an ambulance, so that a medical report can be filled out by you. If you do choose to file a case against the person or company that employs you in the coming months, then you’ll be able to obtain the medical report, and give it to your attorney. Your attorney would admit such statement into evidence during a trial, and the judge or jury would better comprehend the degree of the injuries you incurred during the time of your accident.

You must never wait to contact a lawyer. The majority of first consultations are of no charge, and you won’t have to disburse anything to a law establishment until after the settlement of your case.