Getting the Best Auto Accident Settlement


Negotiating an auto accident settlement takes a lot of documentation and much organization. In addition to that, patience is crucial as your negotiations may take a while to get you the auto accident settlement you deserve and desire. With enough preparation and planning, a few rational negotiation, and endurance, you’ll be able to work your way through arguments successfully and get the auto accident settlement you deserve.

Getting the Proper Auto Accident Settlement

Getting the proper auto accident settlement varies according to the value of the claim. Your claims’ value rests on a number of factors— location, severity, the extent of negligence, etc. In order to establish your claim, you need to document or record everything! Any details pertaining to the accident, any expenses that you have settled to obtain medical treatment, any property damage estimates or any other information that will support your account on the incident and the damages you’ve acquired. Make the dispute for the value of the claim you deserve accurately and clearly.

Note that the insurance company could value the claim settlement much less than you do, which means that you might have to discuss a fair settlement. The negotiations can go backward and forward until both parties reach an agreement. Therefore, do your best to remain patient while keeping an open mind regarding what you deem as a fair settlement. And while it’s crucial not to hasten things, you have to take control of the situation and be aware of everything that takes place! If you feel that time has wastefully elapsed between contacts, then you have to follow up on it. Take records along the way just in case you need to work on the other routes.

An injury claim may involve a lot of documentation.

And if you think that the auto insurance adjuster is forcing you toward a settlement that you think is too low, do not continue negotiating with that individual. Go through the right authority levels and get the payment you deserve.

Talking with the Auto Accident Adjuster

While it’s crucial to be courteous and respectful, it’s also imperative to be shrewd and firm to negotiate a reasonable settlement with assistance from a lawyer. Auto insurance adjusters are hardwired to save their insurance company more cash and you need to be careful while working with them. Follow a few simple guidelines about what should be done and what shouldn’t be done when working with an auto insurance adjuster:

When reporting an auto accident, you must be polite and reasonable. Just stick to the accident’s facts and your efforts to recover; don’t allow your emotions to color your judgments. Do not give the impression that all is fine, even in casual talks. If the insurance adjuster inquiries include the injury you sustained, then tell them that you’re under a physician’s care; that you’ll keep the adjuster updated. Keep your talks rooted to the facts.

If the insurance adjuster requests for a documented statement, then graciously decline it. Rather, ask if the adjuster can personally meet with you. Don’t sign a printed statement and/or tape record an account over the telephone. Just verbally provide your side of the incident as it took place.

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Keep completely accurate records and documents of everything that surround the claim. Keep all letters and save emails. Note the times and dates of all phone talks. Request for any commitments or promises in writing. Take thorough notes of each talk. Keep your expense and bill receipts. Make duplicates of every file or document; gather them in a secure area and be attentive about your documentation all throughout the process.

If you’re requested to have an IME (independent medical examination) by the auto insurance adjuster, then courteously decline the request. You’re under no duty to undergo an IME. Just put the adjuster off until you’ve completed your treatment with your doctor. The adjuster can constantly request your records from your doctor.

Negotiating with the auto insurance adjuster can be frustrating sometimes, but with the appropriate claim value, the records to establish your value as well, patience and tenacity, you’ll be able to get the auto accident settlement you want and deserve. You can refer to an accident lawyer to get legal assistance or advice at any time.